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Sarpy Chamber

We helped the Sarpy Chamber make an “impossible” video

Each year, the Sarpy Chamber hosts an annual awards ceremony. The event recognizes excellence in the Sarpy County business community.

To launch the awards portion of the even, the chamber needed a video produced to show at the event. Playing on the “impossible” things the Chamber had accomplished since its launch in inception in 1996, we leaned into the Mission: Impossible brand to make something fun and memorable.

What was so impossible about the Chamber? In 1996, nothing like this had ever been done in the community. To bring together all of the cities from Sarpy county into one Powerful chamber of commerce, making a larger voice for Sarpy County. Bellevue. Gretna. La Vista. Papillon. Springfield.

From 1996 until 2023, the Sarpy Chamber not only survived, but has thrived, growing to over 1,000 active members.

Mayor of Papillion David Black summed it up best in the video: “The amount of good that the chamber has been able to accomplish for the region is very impressive. Think of the growth…think of the change that’s happened in the last 27 years in the communities the chamber represents. It’s really amazing.”

Watch The Video:

When producing a video, where do you even begin? The first step is always a strategy meeting with the leaders of the project.

From there, we just sit back and listen. Then, we ask questions and determine goals for the piece of brand collateral we are creating. And, end usage and deployment for the finalized piece.

Who are our targets? Where the video will be broadcast? This also helps determine appropriate length.

From there we determine a scope of work. Once agreed to, we start in on a story board or video script.

Different styles of video production (animation, live action, voiceover/narrator) are used for different ends. This is something we also help you determine.

Actual Video Script For Sarpy

Here’s what we did:

  • Took client’s concept from there imagination and made a tangible item (NBD)

  • Took client’s direction and honed in on concept and wrote script, created shot list

  • Interviewed all Sarpy dignitaries across two separate shoots, in two separate locations (we coordinated meeting times and locations as we do for all clients)

  • Accumulated all video and audio from each shoot and composed a first draft. Took clients edits, employed them, and produced the final version