Bud Light

With Bud, we kept it “Light”

Of all the brands we’ve worked with, Bud Light was probably the most fun – unless you are one of my clients reading this, then it was definitely YOU.

Before I worked with Bud Light, I rarely touched the stuff. But throughout several years of working with and for them, what do you know, we acquired a taste! (Not sure what they put in the aluminum shaped bottles but my God is it good, tastes roughly 1,000% better than standard can.)

When remembering how the relationship started, it is a little fuzzy. We wrote copy and created content for BL that was deployed in multiple media formats.

But we have actively participated in, and raised awareness of, the Bud Light brand via activations from New York City to Phoenix.

Things got really hot and heavy during the “Whatever, USA” campaign. Which you can read about here.

It all started out in NYC creating copy for a year-long activation.

From there it evolved to launching Super Bowl videos and interviewing hip-hop icon Nelly at said Super Bowl and creating content.

We were the first channel to launch this Bud Light Super Bowl commercial as 187,000 views would attest.

We even helped them launch the Bud Light e-fridge!

Paul and Nelly

Here’s what we did: