Website Development & Design

If you want to succeed in the modern world of business, then you’ve got to have a cutting-edge website that’s able to compete. Think about it, when you’re looking for a new product or service or you want to learn more about a business what do you do? You click on their website.

No robust user brand experience is complete without a thorough trip through a website. Most people don’t just stop at what they’re looking for at that time. They also want to know more about your company’s roots, their connection to the community, and what their brand values are as a business.

As they adventure through your wares, they keep a wary eye out for low-ball graphics and signs of inconsistency in your brand image. When something feels off, it tends to put people off. This is why so many people shove aside cheap DIY web design software to turn toward industry-leading professional web development & design services like those offered by Wandering Eye.

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The Benefits of Professional Web Development & Design

When you have Wandering Eye focusing on your company’s web development & design, you can rest easy knowing that true industry experts are bringing their considerable experience to bear. Since we only work with a small number of clients at any time, you get the sharp focus you need to develop a customized site that matches your vision. Some of the benefits of this approach include:

  • Consistent branding throughout your site.
  • A robust user experience for all site visitors
  • Perfectly positioned website presence in all local & international markets
  • Access to online shopping features
  • Access to cutting-edge E-Commerce features
  • Professional setup & optimization of your Google Business Profile
  • A sleek, responsive website
  • Professional web development consulting
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved ranking on all major search engines

Customized Website Development

Wandering Eye has worked with brands and companies of every imaginable scale. We know how to boost visits and sales for a mom & pop shop, or we can bring your wares to the international scene with gusto. Our website consultation and development services are second to none.

Since we only work with a select small group of clients at one time, you get to enjoy our undivided attention. This serves as a firm foundation to develop a site that is authentic to your business. This goes a long way toward ensuring that your customers are having the same consistent user experience whether they are interacting with your website, your physical location, enjoying your services, or using your products.

Innovative Design For An Evolutionary Website

Wandering Eye has roots that extend way back to the good old days when the internet was a dial-up signal and white noise. We’ve evolved with the times to not only keep up with them but to develop innovative websites that are poised to take the next step with the evolution of internet functionality.

This goes way beyond vibrant graphics and consistent brand images. We break the mold of eCommerce functionality, optimize every element of your site’s SEO, and create a website that is a true work of art.

Wandering Eye’s expert web designers deliver creative online solutions that are optimized to advance your business goals as well as resonate with users to create a memorable experience.

Enhancing The User Experience

Wandering Eye uses a multi-prong approach to website development & design. This lets you customize your relationship with multiple target markets or dial in your best efforts with a specific group of users. This includes things like:




Use of Landing Pages










SEO Improvements


Social & Marketing Outlets

How Do They See You?

Enhancing Brand Identity

When you take a moment to think of major brands like Mcdonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, or Ford, you get an instant image in your mind. It comes complete with the colors, and the kind of typography you see in every single marketing message they put out.

Regardless of the size of your company, you need the same kind of brand consistency on your website. Every single page needs to represent your company with the same colors, the same fonts, and the same robust user experience that you find in every site developed by Wandering Eye.

Developing Brand Trust

Developing Brand Trust

Pushing The Limits Of Your Success To The Max

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Your website is also one of the best places to develop brand trust. While consistent use of brand image and a robust user experience are a sound foundation, they are just the beginning. Blogs, podcasts, promotional videos, community outreach endeavors, and connections to prominent influencers also move the needle in your positive direction.

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Why Host With Us

Industry Leading Website Hosting Services With State-Of-The-Art Site Security


These days hackers and online scams are everywhere. The more successful your site is, the more likely these digital vandals are to try to prey on you. That’s why Wandering Eye designs all our client sites with the most cutting-edge security software.

Not only does this protect you from online intrusions, but it also provides your guests and online shoppers with the security they need to trustfully engage in online transactions. This is a must for any successful E-Commerce endeavor.


One of the other reasons why Wandering Eye’s websites have proven to be so airtight against hackers and optimized for performance is that we offer our own web hosting services. We can host your site, maintain its security, and proactively make updates to security certificates for far less than our competitors. It’s just one of the many great perks that you get access to as one of Wandering Eye’s exclusive clients.

Our Webhosting Package Includes:

– Hosting Management & Maintenance
– Domain Setup, Management, & Maintenance
– Email Hosting, Setup
– Records Management (DNS, MX, A, etc.)
– Daily Backups of Files and Database
– Audit every 3 weeks to Update all out-of-date plugins
– Audit every 3 weeks to Update all out-of-date themes
– Audit every 3 weeks to Update WordPress Core Software
– 2 hours (to be used in 15 min increments) of minor content changes and content updates (editing, creating new pages, etc.)
– Optimized CDN (Content Delivery Network) with servers all over the world; where ever a site visitor it, it uses the closest server which speed everything up

Need more information on website hosting and how it works? Check out our blog: What is Website Hosting? (for beginners).