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Brands Fail Or Succeed Because Of Authenticity And The Collective Energy Of The People Involved.

We don’t spit out a cookie-cutter brand strategy like a lot of other marketing agencies do because it doesn’t work.

Our intense focus and intentionally limited number of clients lets us build a true relationship with you and your company. To engage in a brand relationship with us is to share an open, honest exchange about your brand thus far, how it got there/here, and where you want it to go into the future.

Over the years we’ve learned that the most effective way to develop a memorable brand image and brand strategy starts with covering some critical bases.

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Brand Story

These days content is king, and the best content comes in the form of vivid storytelling. Including telling your brand story in terms that potential and loyal customers will remember like the smell of Grandma’s cookies.

We craft for you a compelling story that shows off everything that’s unique about you and what stands out, without standing out like a sore thumb. Because we focus on a small client list at one time, the story we tell about your brand will be authentic, in touch, and connected to people in a way that brings what’s best about your brand into focus.

Brand Naming

What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to Brand strategy, it’s actually an awful lot! Yes, that day one brainstorming session is just as sweet as the box of doughnuts someone plops down on the conference room table. The colorful sprinkles and glistening frosting of what could be luring you into the empty calories of brand name concepts that just can’t seem to connect to the rest of your brand strategy.

Believe us, we’ve been down that road, and we’re not going there again. There’s a lot that goes into the brand naming process that goes beyond playful wordsmithing and clever turns of phrase. Whether you have an existing brand name, or you’re staring at a blank page, you can trust Wandering Eye to find a way to connect it to your authentic brand story as a part of your more-than-memorable brand strategy.


Brand Identity and Design

Finding your identity in life can be hard but finding your brand identity as a company is easy when you’re one of Wandering Eye’s clients. We use an innovative brand design process that brings you down the rabbit hole on a wild adventure through color schemes, typography, logo marks, and color and graphic positioning strategies that bring your brand identity into sharp focus.

We also take the time to explore the core elements of effective brand identity and design. This includes looking at some of your close and not-so-close competitors to see what’s working well for them, and what isn’t. Why not learn from someone else’s mistakes and taste a little sweet inspiration from their successes?

These choices, pallets, and concepts you choose through the brand design process will help serve as a guiding light in how your brand is represented going forward.

Customer Journey

Albert Einstein used to perform “Thought Experiments” in his mind’s eye to imagine what a question in physics would look like, where the important details were and what information needed to be teased out. While we don’t ponder what would happen if you were falling out of an elevator on a train being struck by a lightning bolt from a black hole, the same thought experiment concept can be applied to the customer mapping experience.

We use our mind’s eye to evaluate how your customer is most likely to interact with your brand, your business, or even your brick-and-mortar location. What do they experience from point A to point B? What do they find navigating from one page of your site to the next? We break down all these chains to unshackle their experience in a way that frees them to connect with your brand on an authentic level.


Are They?


Do They Want?


Do They Interact?


Identify Opportunities

What’s Your Unique Value Proposition?

Brand Strategy

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At Wandering Eye, we strategically work with a small number of clients at one time. This allows us to get to know you and bring your vision for your brand success into sharp focus. If you have a question, you don’t just end up leaving a voicemail and wondering when or if we’ll get back to you.

We take you on a journey through the process of developing a brand strategy that is authentic to who you are as a company, based on the best parts of you that are offered up to your customers. It can be a complex journey full of interesting twists and turns.

You can trust us to guide you on this journey, with our eye on the road, giving you the freedom to grow into who or what your company is about to become.

How Do You Make Them Feel?

Brand Experience


Your company’s brand experience is where all these concepts ultimately come together. This is the distilled essence of everything your brand has to offer to your new and soon-to-be loyal customers.

A great brand experience is about feeling, connection, and ultimately about the relationship you develop with your customers. It also sends a message, so you need every square inch of your brand experience to be consistently on-point.

Whether your customer is on your website, seeing an ad on TV, or walking through the aisles of your store they need to be immersed in your brand identity. This takes feeling, and message together in a way that creates bone-deep connections that they’ll carry with them so that even when you’re out of their sight, you’re never out of mind.

Find Your Brand Identity

Find Your Brand Identity

Creating A Lasting Experience Everywhere See You

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Wandering Eye has decades of experience developing branding strategies at every level. We’ve helped propel the brand identity of companies on a national level, successfully rebranded major corporations for the 21st century, and helped launch the brand identity of mom & pop companies on the local scene.

Since we only work with a select group of exclusive clients at a time, you get the benefit of our personal focus on all your digital marketing efforts. This helps keep your brand authentic to your business while ensuring a consistent user experience for everyone who connects with your company.

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