How could Facebook introduce themselves to a new community? Via the power of a well-produced video.

When Facebook came to Sarpy County, their biggest goal was to make themselves a part of the community.

They did not want to be perceived as the big brand that comes into town and takes over. Not only did they want to be part of the community, they wanted to support it and make it better.

It was completely refreshing from a business standpoint, but also from a human being standpoint. They could have easily come in and done whatever they wanted.

And sure, those things and sentiments are easy to express. But we can say after working with the people that make they brand, they are fun, realistic, down to earth and relatable.

So, how can they introduce themselves to a new community? Via the power of a well-produced video.

Facebook Sarpy Data Center – Grand Opening

How could Facebook introduce themselves to a new community? Via the power of a well-produced video.

Facebook wanted to focus on the people that make the brand and have a piece of collateral to show at the grand opening, and to share with national and local media.

Facebook also wanted show what the heavily fortified and secure building looked like from the inside. To be part of the community and welcome their neighbors, without compromising the data they are trusted to keep secure. Based on that, we scripted, shot, edited and ultimately produced the first video.

As a part of the grand opening ceremony, Facebook also wanted to stream the festivities via Facebook. So we literally produced a Facebook Live about Facebook, at Facebook.

The 2.6 million-square-foot Sarpy Data Center has four operation facilities, two that are under construction, and four more that will be built in a second expansion is underway. By the time it’s complete in 2024, the facility will be 3.6 million square-feet and cost Facebook over $1.5 billion.

Randy needed a logo and a business card for his business, Oak Leaf Enterprises. An independent entity all its own, Randy wanted an updated logo, but one that still paid homage to the family history and brand equity of the farm.

He came into the office with a business card and letterhead from the original family farm which you can see to the right.

After some initial logo questionnaire questions, we created several mocks of each the logo design and business card design. From there, we tweaked based on Randy’s ideas, likes and dislikes, and came up with a great logo and business card design.

From a former client that loved the horses:

“There is great pony history at Oak Leaf Farm and I found myself wishing the oak trees could talk. The farm, although somewhat changed, is still there and immaculately maintained.

There aren’t any ponies anymore, but standing in front of the majestic barn, I swear I heard a distant whinny from a gorgeous stallion, calling his girls.”

STEM Night at Werner Park – Presented By Facebook

Here’s what we did:

  • Scouted the location and scripted a shot list

  • Wrote scripts and created content schedule and run of show

  • Created custom graphics for each video

  • Interviewed key dignitaries from Facebook and other contributing brands

  • Used the unique URL for each video to deploy to media outlets across the nation

Here’s what happened:

A huge thank you to the Storm Chasers and Facebook for helping us hit a homerun!

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