Video Production Services

Content is king and high-quality video content is the grand emperor of website success. Though the emphasis here is on quality. Just recording a bunch of videos on your phone and slapping some filters on it for fun is going to hamper your digital marketing efforts more than help them.

Wandering Eye has deep roots in video production, development, and implementation in digital marketing. We’ve been leading the way in video production for more than a decade and can walk you through every step of the process.

  • Concepting
  • Strategy
  • Casting
  • Script Writing
  • Story Boarding
  • Shot List Writing
  • Directing
  • Location
  • Set Design
  • Shooting
  • Implementation

Paul interviewing rapper/actor Ludacris at New York Fashion Week.

Super Bowl

Paul interviews NFL Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis at Super Bowl LII.

Video Production Services

When you have Wandering Eye focusing on your company’s web development & design, you can rest easy knowing that true industry experts are bringing their considerable experience to bear. Since we only work with a small number of clients at any time, you get the sharp focus you need to develop a customized site that matches your vision. Some of the benefits of this approach include:

  • TV/Broadcast Video Production
  • Online Video Production
  • Event Video Production
  • Product Video Production
  • 360 Video Production
  • Live Stream Video Production
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Food and Beverage Video Production


In the realm of digital marketing, promotional videos are often used to boost awareness of your company, address a specific marketing initiative, or generate awareness of a major sale, or event. A lot of them use style and tone that feels a lot like a teaser video. You grab their attention and draw them in like ravenous dogs to your steak dinner.

Though people get a lot of promotional videos thrown in their faces every day. The big risk with putting one or two on your site is that it might just come off like another ad, where apathetic users simply the extra 5 seconds to skip through.

When you’ve got Wandering Eye looking after your promo videos, you can trust that every single frame is going to be on point. The promotional videos we create stun, and amaze. People don’t watch them just waiting to click off after a five-second countdown. They’re coming back to watch it again because they want you to give them more!


Influencer marketing harnesses the Death Star-level power of social media marketing and gives it a face, a voice, and a personality. It essentially uses industry-specific experts, personalities, and sometimes even celebrities to endorse businesses and drop product mentions.

The influencers we recruit to your cause already come with a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche. Of course, this also has a ton of SEO value, because most influencers include backlinks to your site with their video.

Since they are experts in their field, the influencer’s site tends to have the kind of strong “Domain Authority” that makes Google’s algorithm drool like one of Pavlov’s dogs. This further reinforces how your site ranks, as a sweet added bonus!

If we don’t already have a connection to leverage in your name, chances are Wandering Eye’s extensive network can find one. Our connections have got connections. If we don’t have one spooled up, chances are we can build one in our social media lab to fit!


Digital branding requires a diverse arsenal to burn your brand image and brand experience into the brain of all who behold your company. Of course, people devour visual imagery with ravenous hunger. So, you need the kind of high-powered professional video production Wandering Eye offers.

We’ve spent decades developing videos in all sectors that blow people’s minds and connect in a way that they’re sure to remember. We know how to visually leverage and position your brand image to elevate you above the boring bourgeois videos that your competitors are attempting to slap together on their websites.


Product videos drive awareness and sales with thunder. Though a lot of other digital marketing agencies take shortcuts. Zooming in and out on a product photo, dropping some monotonous audio and 1980s plastic fantastic transition filter.

At Wandering Eye, we believe product videos are due to their just desserts. We bring truly professional video production to bear to cast your products in their best light. This includes rich audio, carefully crafted scripts, and engaging content that helps the viewer understand why your product is head-and-shoulders above the stuff ‘the other guy’ is hawking.

State-Of-The Art
Video Production Services

Wandering Eye has decades of experience developing digital marketing videos at every level and imaginable sector. This involves the exclusive skills to visually leverage and positions your brand, products, and services in a light that’s too bright for your competitors to endure.

We’ve been producing state-of-the-art promotional and digital marketing videos for decades. We can take you through every step of the process from script writing, storyboards, shot lists, shooting, and post-production.

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