Local SEO

Let’s face it, you need your growing small business to be on the internet, but you might not need to digitally market yourself on the international market. The good news is that Google and other powerful search engines have evolved to make it easier than ever for businesses like yours to rank highly in local searches.

Though there’s a methodology to attaining and maintaining a strong local ranking, without your site getting buried under international powerhouse sites and paid ranking ads. This is where Wandering Eye brings local SEO strategies into sharp focus.

What Is Local SEO Service Areas


What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a strategic process used to maximize a website’s visibility on local searches. It tends to be the preferred SEO strategy for small to modest-sized businesses that draw their customers from the surrounding communities or regions. When done correctly local SEO practices help small businesses rank well, without getting buried by larger international players.

Local SEO strategy focuses directly on boosting your brand’s search rankings when users are looking for one of your products and services that are “Near Me.” Google’s local SEO algorithm can help boost your brand exposure beyond the simple confines of your storefront or brick-and-mortar physical location.

It expands your visibility and reaches, without tossing you out into the international scene where the big sharks feed. Though local SEO strategies aren’t just for small business retailers. It can be a great benefit to a wide range of sectors, including the service industry.

Businesses That Benefit From Local SEO

  • Small local retailers
  • Regional retail chains
  • Regional franchise businesses
  • Automotive mechanics
  • Contractors & Electricians
  • Plumbers & HVAC technicians
  • Lawyers & Local Consultants
  • Taxis and Local Transportation Companies
  • Restaurants & Bakeries
  • Gyms & Fitness Centers
  • Bars, Wineries & Breweries
  • Arcades, Amusement Parks & Child Recreation Businesses
  • Grocery Stores, Party Stores & Local Food Service Vendors
  • Religious Organizations
  • Local Non-Profit & Development Organizations
  • Theatre & Live Entertainment Venues

Main Factors To Improve Local SEO Ranking

Several things can be done to optimize your local SEO ranking. This includes attacking your search engine optimization efforts on multiple fronts such as:

  • Accurate NAP listings for Name Address & Phone Number
  • Consistent local business Citations
  • Optimizing Your Google Business Profile listing
  • Domain authority
  • Improving the quality of local search citations
  • Analyzing & Optimizing your CTR
  • Use of high-ranking keywords
  • Providing a robust UX “User Experience”
  • Review quality, velocity, and diversity
  • Backlinking
  • Link signals
  • Back-end site optimization for local SEO

Competitive Audit

Of course, focusing on improving your ranking via local SEO practices also means strategically positioning yourself against your competition. We turn an analytical eye on all your local competitors to find out what they do best, what’s helping them rank strongly, and use that data to position you to take advantage.

We also look at the things that are hampering their SEO and position your digital marketing schema to avoid them. All along streamlining the back end of your site’s local SEO outrank to give you a nuanced advantage.

Google Business Profile Optimization

One of the best ways to ensure your website ranks well on organic local searches is to set up your Google Business Profile in detail. This means optimizing all relevant information and presenting yourself in a light that Google considers favorable.

While this sounds easy to do on paper and is relatively easy to get started on your own, optimizing your Google Business Profile for the best local search rankings, takes a discerning Wandering Eye. We leave no stone unturned while filling out critical information while optimizing your Google Business Profile in extreme detail.

Link & Citation Building

Google’s algorithm isn’t quite as self-aware as Skynet yet, but it’s getting close. It doesn’t just crawl your website pages ticking off boxes and assigning you brownie points for effort. It is looking for signs that you are an authentic authority in your industry with the dedication of the Terminator spotting Sarah Connor in a crowded shopping mall.

One essential way to convince Google’s algorithm that you are an authority worthy of high ranking is to have your pages backlinked and connected to citations. The backlinks need to be quality links and not just random links to any old source.

Ideally, you want quality links that come from high domain authority websites that are already trusted by users and Google’s unstoppable algorithm. This will go a long way to help bots crawl your pages, to index them with confidence. It also helps users see the destination website as a trustworthy source of information.

Citations are a little more amorphous as they come in many forms. This includes business directories, social networks, and much other information about local businesses. So, it does require a thorough approach to display your citations and trust badges in a way that makes it easy for search engine crawlers and algorithms to index them.

Website Optimization

A lot of website optimization requires going over each page of your site with a fine-toothed comb to mind the technical components of local SEO. These are little things like optimizing site navigation for easy crawling, making sure backlinks connect to sites with strong domain authority, and the user experience is robust on every page.

Finding Opportunities & Exploit Them For Serious Wins

Actionable Reporting

Wandering Eye turns a discerning eye toward cutting-edge digital marketing analytics. We proactively collect data on how your local SEO strategies are performing. This information is then interpreted to understand what your site’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Strengths can be emphasized, and weaknesses can be improved. Though we take it a step further by understanding why something is or isn’t working. This allows us to attack issues on a fundamental level for agile, fluid improvement throughout the course of your digital marketing campaign.

How To Do SEO

How To Do SEO

Keeping You On Top Of Your Local Rankings

Wandering Eye’s decades of experience in cutting-edge SEO practices have given us the keen insights to be able to perfectly optimize your website ranking in local listings on all popular search engines. We keep you from getting buried under the paid rankings of national entities who try to sit like bloated beasts at the top of your niche.

This starts with technical SEO and local SEO optimization on all your pages. Then we track all the key metrics to be able to adjust for long-term success. Since we only work with a limited number of clients at one time, you get the benefit of the sharp focus you can only get from a Wandering Eye.

Local SEO Ranking Opportunities

Everywhere We Can Help You Blow Past The Competition

Local 3 Pack

This is the prized positions for most optimizations. When searching for a service or store in your local area using your desktop of phone, this is where you can appear right on top, often near a little map of your nearby area. If someone is local to you, that’s where you want to be.

Google Maps

Often people will use the Google map view to find a location near them such as a store, restaurant or other type of business that is closest to them. We’ll be able to maximize the change of your business appearing in the map as the best choice for a searcher to call or visit first.

Organic Postions

This is an area just below the local 3 pack that gets a ton of visibility and often catches the searchers eye. Sometimes this can be from blog articles or even your most direct pages for the services you provide.

eCommerce Local SEO

While not exactly organic, this method uses Google free local products that allows us to take your products existing inventory and place it right in front of local searchers. This way when someone searches, they will be presented with the store closest to them to come and pick it up right away.