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Wandering Eye brings your SEO into sharp focus by getting to know your company at its core while applying tried-and-true SEO strategies that get results.

We have decades of experience in this arena. We’ve watched the internet grow from the beginning and walked along with it in lockstep.

This sort of intimate understanding of SEO best practices combined with a focus on quality over quantity in building a strong relationship with our clients do more than just boost your website’s organic ranking. It also reaches the right audience and captures their attention with enthralling content.

Our approach is customized to your prospective customer base. This includes strategies for improving your local rankings to bring the surrounding community to your small business. Yet we can just as easily shift gears to help market you as a global powerhouse ready to take the world of international Ecommerce by the horns.

SEO Service Locations We Service

Deangelo Williams

Deangelo Williams

Customized Strategies

SEO Agency Expert SEO Services

Wandering Eye’s SEO services go beyond just cutting-edge keyword research and the technical aspects of search engine optimization. Our SEO consulting services help us build a truly authentic understanding of your company, who you are trying to drive to your site and exactly the kind of experience you want them to have.

  • National / Global SEO
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Keyword Research & Strategy

Wandering Eye’s SEO practices start with developing a core understanding of your company’s industry, and the keyword search terms that can be used to boost your organic rankings on Google as well as other popular search engines.

As SEO specialists we conduct a thorough review of the keywords where your website already ranks strongly. Then we plunge deeper to explore keywords and search terms that you can add to boost your ranking in the competitive landscape.

Modern Technical SEO Takes You Beyond The Yellow Pages

The mechanics of the internet and the algorithms of popular search engines continue to evolve, and we evolve right along with them in our technical applications of SEO best practices. This includes techniques for improving rankings via optimizations on the back end of your website.

These are the little things that lesser digital marketers seldom think of, yet make a massive difference in the end. This includes things like:

  • Improving page speed
  • Fixing site errors
  • Siloing content
  • Optimizing content
  • Schema optimization
  • No keyword stuffing
  • The correct use of copy
  • Improving page structure
  • Simplified page navigation
  • Eliminating dead-end pages
  • Rich media
  • Avoiding & recover from penalties
  • Sitemap Optimization

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO practices are one of the best ways to strategically improve your online visibility while also drawing in high-quality traffic from interested users. Wandering Eye’s extensive menu of SEO services includes best practices and on-page SEO strategies designed to boost your website’s reputation and score on major search engines. This includes publishing unique, value-rich content that is valuable to your readers. We also optimize headlines and strategically use HTML tags along with high-resolution images.

Off-Page SEO

Another great way to boost your reputation and score highly in organic rankings with popular search engines is to use off-page SEO practices to their fullest. Wandering Eye’s off-page SEO practices are designed to reinforce your brand credibility while simultaneously increasing online exposure. This includes creatively leveraging social media marketing techniques, high-quality link building and even tapping into various aspects of influencer marketing.

Link Building

The art and science of link building or creating “Backlinks” is a critical component of improving any website’s ranking in search results. Yet not just any old link will do! Google’s immense algorithm and the sophisticated criteria of other popular search engines mean that quality backlinks matter far more than casual backlinks that are often just tossed in to have a presence on the page.

Wandering Eye’s innovative backlinking strategy is designed to build the kind of high-quality links that search engines and their cunning algorithms want to find on your page. This gives you more than a leg up on your competitors who are just weaving any old link onto a page in hopes it catches a bot’s eye.

Winning The Race

Local SEO

In recent years the most powerful internet search engines have been wise enough to optimize their crawling and indexing to also include local businesses and companies with a limited regional reach. The truth is a lot of users search for local businesses online.

This means that improving your company’s local SEO ranking via things like Google Business Profile or Google My Business and other local optimization strategies is key for attracting interested customers. We optimize your GMB profile and manage your online reputation to grow your local following.

eCommerce SEO

The world of ecommerce continues to grow in its versatility and profitability in nearly every imaginable sector. Fortunately, Wandering Eye has spent decades honing our vision to create innovative ecommerce SEO practices that move at the speed of modern-day business.

This includes strategies to increase your client retention rate as well as utilizing targeted email marketing campaigns and optimizing your eCommerce site for mobile users. We’ve even helped pioneer ecommerce compatibility with voice search to help offer your customers a personalized brand experience.

Engaging Content for Customers & Search Engines

Content Writing

They say that “Content Is King” but if you want to wear the crown, you have to have engaging content that not only helps your reader understand what you’re offering, but also impresses cunning search engine algorithms. Wandering Eye has mastered the art of producing SEO-friendly content in all its forms.

This includes pillar posts that stand for all time with evergreen wisdom, blogs that engage the reader with cutting-edge information, lists to help readers find the best of the best you have to offer, and much more. Not only do we craft engaging content, but we also work retroactively to optimize pre-existing content, service, and product pages.

Popular search engines like Google adore websites that frequently add new, helpful and engaging content regularly. So, we make sure to keep your content fresh, free of scraping and recycling to catch the attention of crawlers and bots. All while giving your readers the information to whet their appetite and make them hungry for more!

SEO Methodology

SEO Methodology


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The conversion rate optimization strategies used by Wandering eye are designed to boost your site’s long-term value, while also helping to grow your online revenue. We do this with things like pay-per-click marketing and strategically positioned SEO services customized to maximize your conversion opportunities. This is further reinforced with critical analytics, website analysis, landing page optimization and an intuitive approach to A/B split testing.

Your SEO Rankings Will Pop

Wandering Eye has been at the forefront of SEO strategy since before it was even an acronym. We’ve spent years eating, sleeping, and breathing SEO as it’s evolved with the internet. Whether you’re thinking about launching a site for your aspiring startup company, or your existing website isn’t ranking with the results you need, you can trust us to guide your SEO practices to unparalleled results.

Types of SEO Services We Provide

Flexible Programs With Mentoring + In-Depth Reporting

Local SEO

Wandering Eye focuses on our clients to position them where they have the best chances for success. For small companies with modest reach, this includes optimizing local SEO to rank your site above your local competitors. If you’re not a global powerhouse selling your products on the international market, it’s best to invest your digital marketing efforts locally.

National/Global SEO

Let’s say that you’re a big-time player on the national or international scene. Maybe you’re selling products online or you’re drawing clients in from thousands of miles away. Then we shift your SEO focus to the world at large, yet the competition will never see you coming.

eCommerce SEO

These days the world moves at the speed of eCommerce. So, being able to position yourself to attract the most online customers requires a fluid SEO strategy that changes with the trends to keep you evolving with maximum success.

Technical SEO Audits

Let’s say you’ve got a site in hand, and it’s doing alright, but your gut tells you it could be ranking much better. Times like this usually call for applying some technical SEO practices to streamline your site’s performance by making it easy for search engines to crawl.