Commercial Photography

The high resolution and sophisticated filters in modern-day smartphones have everyone and their grandma convinced that they can take stunning “Pics” just like a professional photographer. Though the truth is there’s an enormous difference between the pics you can take with your phone and the photographs that a true professional like Wandering Eye can create.

A stunning photograph is about more than just getting a quick pick of a product, person, or landscape. It goes beyond getting lucky with the lighting and applying an eye-catching filter. Commercial photography goes beyond the basic nuts and bolts of composition and lighting.

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It takes into account how to show products, people, and services in action in a way that boosts the public’s perception of your company. It creates images that become locked into the human brain for instant recall and connect to your brand.

Wandering Eye’s decades of experience in commercial photography gives us the ability to customize our work to show your company’s products and services in the ideal light. We are adept at planning every facet of the shoot from conception, execution, and uploading onto your website, to enhance your digital marketing efforts.

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For all its versatility and evolution of functionality website images still have some limitations. Understanding the relationship between resolution, image size, opacity, and how it will look on screen takes a practiced eye.

Of course, the image also needs to be able to blow away someone’s visual cortex when they view it on a puny smartphone screen or reduced down to fit on a cleverly placed banner ad.

Hospitality photography images need to capture the core essence of your hotel, B&B, vacation rental, cabin, or suite. These are the images that combine the intangible qualities of your space with a synergy that just feels like home. They set the mood in subtle and not-so-subtle ways with lighting, composition, and lifestyle displays.

Yet they also need to show off the little things that matter so much to people on the go. The residential style sink in the background, the complementary toiletry supplies, while the discrete housekeeper meticulously cleans in the background. These things might not be exclamation points of the hospitality photo. Though they are still necessary marks that people notice when deciding what place will be their place when they leave home.

Venue photography needs to blow people away, while also giving people an idea of just how close they’ll feel. Everyone wants to feel like there isn’t a bad seat in the house when they are buying their seat. It’s more than just lights and glimmer, it’s the promise of hope that they’ll have a good time when they book their tickets or click to confirm their reservation.

Real Estate

The world of real estate is an empire of hope and promise enervated with the fear of the unknown. People pour over every last little detail in a real estate photo. They know deep down in their bone marrow that this is a life-long investment.

Even if they’re going online, real estate photos need to be captured in high resolution. People will be zooming in on them to see if they can answer all their important questions. Does the fireplace have a kid-friendly screen? Is the kitchen sink stainless steel? What kind of view would the kids have out of their bedroom windows? These questions and more need visual answers captured tastefully in every professional real estate photograph.

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Product Photography Services

If you want to cast your products in their best light, then you need more than just one or two crystal-clear, and perfectly composed images.

This calls for a variety of different shots and image compositions. Wandering Eye’s commercial photography services include a variety of shots such as:

Giant Boombox

Enhance Your Brand

Enhance Your Brand

For Commercial Photography

Wandering Eye looks beyond the obvious elements of commercial photography to capture images in sharp focus and striking detail. We’ve been carefully crafting sets, backgrounds, products, and lifestyle photos for industries of every scale and sector.

We bring extensive experience, a nuanced understanding of visual imagery, and high-end photography equipment to bear. Whether you need images for a successful insurance claim, product photos for your website, or versatile lifestyle images to bring your brand together, you can trust Wandering Eye’s vision to come through.