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Digital marketing has grown in the 21st Century to become the driving engine for business success. Making sure that your website has the SEO strategy it needs to rank above your competition, thriving ECommerce practice, email marketing, and content marketing all play an essential role in helping your business grow exponentially.

Yet it can be difficult for non-digital marketers to learn the intricate language of this sophisticated landscape. Especially since one wrong move can leave you outranked and under-gunned by your closest competitors.

In times like this, you need digital marketing experts like Wandering Eye on your side. We stay focused on maximizing all your digital marketing efforts, while you stay focused on serving your client’s needs.

Over the years we’ve worked with businesses of every size and scale. From plumbers to medical clinics, to lawyers, to sanitation engineers to mom-and-pop shops, we’ve got the skills to take your digital marketing to the next level.

  • Branding & Brand Strategy
  • SEO Consulting & Optimization
  • Video Production
  • Commercial Photography Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Website Development & Design
  • Ecommerce Development & Design
  • Copywriting Services
  • Email Marketing & Management

What Is Wandering Eye?

Wandering Eye is based out of Nebraska and offers cutting-edge digital marketing strategies that replace old, outdated marketing concepts with customized, results-based digital marketing innovations. We create strategies that are unique to your business. Factoring in the audience you’re trying to speak to with metrics to help track your success at every step along the way.

When you partner with Wandering Eye, you get more time to stay focused on what you do best, while we drive your digital marketing efforts over the horizon toward ever-greater success.

Digital Marketing Services for Lincoln, Nebraska

If you Hail Varsity and hail from the capital of Nebraska, then your Cornhusker pride probably files high every Saturday in shades of scarlet red and cream. Yet Lincoln is known for more than just being a college football powerhouse. The community is vibrant with thriving businesses that are looking to compete locally as well as on the national stage.

Wandering Eye is a Nebraska-based digital marketing agency that offers its services to businesses throughout Lincoln and the surrounding communities. We use an innovative, personalized approach to help all our clients meet their marketing goals. Whether it’s standing out from your local competition or standing proud against national competitors from sea to shining sea.


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Wandering Eye’s Menu of Services

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Wandering Eye is perfectly set up to help bring your business into the 21st Century with a unique approach. We offer an extensive menu of digital marketing services to fill your plate with innovation without any marketing fluff.

Wander On Over To Our Digital Marketing Strategies

Wandering Eye is a Nebraska-based digital marketing firm that breaks away from traditional strategies in order to help our clients succeed at every level. We innovate in a definitive way without tapping into derivative marketing strategies.

Whatever your definition of success is, you can trust that we’ve got our Wandering Eye focused on helping you get there. This starts with providing you with absolute transparency at every step along the way. You don’t just invest in our approach and hope for the best. We let you see how your digital marketing efforts are improving with proactive tracking and reporting.

Wandering Eye believes in building relationships by being passionate about helping businesses from any sector find unrivaled, sustainable success.

If you want to succeed in modern-day digital marketing, then you need a cutting-edge website. Fortunately, Wandering Eye specializes in designing websites that provide users with a robust experience that’s sure to impress, all while holding true to your established brand image.

eCommerce has become a juggernaut of success for online retailers and products. Though this can be a tricky landscape to negotiate without an experienced partner like Wandering Eye to help you find just the right platform to sell your products online.

Visually stunning graphics need to do more than just catch someone’s attention. They also need to tie into the existing visuals that support your brand image. This is exactly the sort of thing you get from the richly engaging images created by Wandering Eye’s graphic design services.

Sure a modern smartphone can take a sweet pic from time to time. Yet even the best smartphone camera in the world can’t cast your products in the best possible light. You need an experienced Wandering Eye to elevate your commercial photography image in a way that helps your products and services stand out from the competition.

The ability to produce a professional video that outstrips the competition requires the kind of next-level production quality you can only get from Wandering Eye. We cut our teeth in commercial video production, with the chops to create unique videos that will get you noticed.

Your company’s brand voice, brand image, and branding strategy all need to be consistent. Though it can be very easy to lose your way when trying to position your brand for success. To keep your brand image in sharp focus you need a digital marketing maven like Wandering Eye to make sure your brand strategy is being reinforced and refined at every level.

Search Engine Optimization has evolved beyond the casual use of important keywords and wishing on a star that a search engine like Google rewards you with a high ranking. SEO best practices call for using innovative strategies, coupled with digital marketing agility, and engaging content that has your website visitors yearning for more.

Wandering Eye specializes in search engine optimization strategies that Google and other popular search engines adore. This starts with a comprehensive review of your current SEO, to find ways to improve it. Then continually innovating your SEO best practices to evolve with changing times.

SEO isn’t just for major corporations anymore. In fact, local SEO strategies position your website right alongside the fat cat corporations and are a step above your local competition. Wandering Eye’s local SEO strategies put you in front of the customers you need to reach while staying a step ahead of your competition.

Wandering Eye has spent decades transforming clever turns of phrase into copy that commands the attention of a target audience. We bring these wordsmithing skills to bear for your business in all on and offline media, while also keeping your branding strategy consistently on point.

In the 21st Century email marketing has evolved into a highly effective digital marketing vehicle to maximize sales from new and loyal customers. Though there are some important tradecraft secrets and a fair number of rules that must be followed if you want your email marketing efforts to return exponential success.

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