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The world of digital marketing continues to evolve in lockstep with internet functionality. Popular search engines with sophisticated algorithms that are one step shy of Skynet-level self-awareness continually find new ways to elevate the rankings of some websites, while dropping others into a dungeon pages and pages deep on any internet search.

Trying to keep up with it all can be staggering. Especially if your business’s primary focus isn’t on digital marketing and the kind of cutting-edge quality content generation needed to keep you at the top of the page results.

Yet plumbers, doctors, electricians, cleaning companies, restaurants, legal firms, and virtually any other type of small business still need an effective digital marketing strategy in place. Chances are good that your competitors are doing, and if you don’t embrace everything modern-day digital marketing has to offer, they’ll probably out-compete you.

Yet your focus on what you do best, and you can do that, while still basking in the warm sun of digital marketing success when you partner with Wandering Eye.

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  • Email Marketing & Management

What Is Wandering Eye?

Wandering Eye is a Nebraska-based digital marketing firm that breaks the old mold of cookie-cutter digital marketing strategies and replaces them with customized, results-based digital marketing innovations.

Wandering Eye’s digital marketing strategies are based on your business’s unique needs, the audience you’re trying to speak to and the goals you set for your future. We let you stay focused on what you do best, while we do what we do best, by staring down the competition’s digital marketing moves

Digital Marketing Services for Bellevue, Nebraska

Bellevue doesn’t just offer a beautiful view of the Missouri River and the verdant green fields of Nebraska. It’s also one of the Cornhusker state’s largest communities.

Sprawling along the Missouri River it offers a suburban way of life, while still being close enough to let you enjoy everything the big city of Omaha has to offer.

Wandering Eye is a Nebraska-based digital marketing agency with years of experience offering customized marketing strategies to businesses in Bellevue and the Omaha area.

We build relationships with all our clients to create digital marketing solutions to stand out from the local competition or to rise up to take a piece of the pie from the big city corporations.


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Wandering Eye’s Menu of Services

Wandering Eye is a comprehensive digital marketing agency that will bring your business into the 21st Century without having to drag you kicking and screaming through boring digital marketing templates. Our menu of services will fill your plate with the innovation you need, without overfilling you with the marketing fluff that wastes your marketing dollars.

We Live and Work Here

Wandering Eye is a Nebraska-based digital marketing agency with an innovative approach to helping our clients succeed at every level. We straight-up don’t believe in cookie-cutter digital marketing strategies. If you’re doing the same thing your competitor is doing, how will you ever outrank them?

Once upon a time, we were at the beating heart of a monster advertising agency that dominated the creative services industry with sterile dispassion. We got out of that relationship and went looking for a more rewarding one, by offering a personalized approach to digital marketing.

We do this with absolute transparency at every level, which builds the kind of trusting foundation any successful relationship needs to thrive. This includes proactive tracking and reporting to make sure digital marketing milestones are being met and leading toward ever-greater goals.

At Wandering Eye, we are all about building better business relationships through a passion for innovation that translates to success. Our roots are firmly planted in communities like Bellevue and we bring you what you need to stand out on main street or on the other side of the world.

A cutting-edge website is absolutely essential for success on the modern business landscape. Thankfully, Wandering Eye specializes in designing websites that offer users a robust experience that’s sure to impress, while also sticking to the core of your brand image.

These days retail and product marketing moves at the speed of ECommerce. If you want to succeed in the ECommerce landscape, you need an experienced partner like Wandering Eye to help you find just the right platform and position you for success.

Cutting-edge graphic design is critical for catching the attention of all who behold what your business has to offer. Yet it also still needs to tie into all the visuals that support your brand image.

While your smartphone might be able to take a sweet pic every now and then, it simply can’t cast your products in the best possible light. You need an experienced Wandering Eye to make seemingly ordinary things appear extraordinary.

If video was able to kill the radio star, then it’s certainly powerful enough to become one of the most effective forms of digital marketing the world has ever seen. Being able to make a video that outstrips the competition requires next-level production quality that you can only get from Wandering Eye.

Branding strategy, brand image, and voice all need to be consistent. Yet it’s all too easy to lose your way when trying to position yourself to outshine the competition. That’s why you need a Wandering Eye to stay focused on building your brand, reinforcing it through all your digital marketing while keeping your branding consistently on message.

Search Engine Optimization is about way more than just slapping some keywords onto some scraped content and hoping a semi-sentient algorithm falls in love with you. It requires innovative strategies, digital marketing agility, and the kind of creative, engaging content that will have your website visitors begging for more. We can pour over your SEO, to find ways to improve it. As well as developing a clearly defined strategy that will evolve with the times.

Search engine optimization isn’t just for the big corporate giants who love to punch down on smaller companies. Local SEO strategies like those implemented by Wandering Eye position your website right alongside the fat cat corporations and a step above your local competition.

Whether it’s online or off, content is king. Knowing what to say and how to say it takes a Wandering Eye wordsmith. We’ve spent decades using turn of phrase to capture the attention of every imaginable target audience, and we bring that to bear. All while keeping your brand voice in your lane.

Email marketing has been resurrected and reinvented in the 21st Century as one of the most effective digital marketing vehicles for new and returning customer engagement. Though you’ve got to do it right. There are some rules that must be followed and strategies that lead to greater success.

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