Copywriting Services

Wandering Eye cut our proverbial teeth in professional copywriting.

It’s been the backbone of our success for more than two decades and is still a driving force in everything we do.

Though you might be surprised just how many different forms of copywriting there are in the world of digital marketing and advertising.

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Copywriting That Drives Traffic, Rankings & Sales

They say that content is king, and we wear the crown with pride. Especially when it comes to creating custom, engaging content that maximizes your SEO and creates a robust user experience for everyone who visits your site.

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Blog Writing

These days everyone is convinced that they should have a blog, yet few truly do it right. A great blog needs to be more than just a random collection of words that tell a vague story. A truly successful blog has value when it engages your audience with thought-provoking, industry-leading information that also can entertain.

It needs to be composed in a way that both grips your readers, as well as satisfying skeptical search engine algorithms. It helps to expand your reach as well as establish your authority, with evergreen content that lasts.

Article Writing

Article writing and pillar posts provide your readers with bone-deep information that they can keep coming back to time and time again. It’s evergreen and adds to your site’s domain authority over time. However, it needs to be carefully crafted to include things like local SEO practices, technical SEO, and keyword rich. All while being engineered to make it easy for search engine algorithms to crawl.

Website Copywriting

Let’s face it, most of the time website copywriting isn’t all that scintillating. It’s tempting to take a nuts-and-bolts approach to writing it. Some people accidentally go too far trying to stuff it with keywords that actually hurt organic rankings. That’s why you need expert copywriting services like Wandering Eye to craft compelling website copy that sends a message, communicates clearly with your users, and convinces search engine algorithms that you are a true authority in your industry.

Product Descriptions

Engaging product descriptions add essential volume to the thousand-word value of its images. It’s also the perfect place to offer up critical technical information and details that separate your products from your would-be competitors.

Not to mention it’s a great way to bolster your SEO without having to resort to ugly stuffing practices and blatant redundancy.

Service Pages

A lot of companies offer products and services. Many of which companion with each other to make a perfect tie-in. These service pages are also a great opportunity to show off what you do best. All while being a great opportunity to season your SEO strategy.

Promotional Materials

Self-promotion is a critical component of marketing success. This includes trade show displays, handouts, promotional products, and more. Carefully crafted copy, consistent use of proprietary terms, and typography all help set you apart from your competitors while asserting your brand identity.

Custom Landing Pages

When custom landing pages need to be carefully crafted, they become insightful vehicles to help maximize your demographic marketing. This is where SEO practices, phrases, and key terms all come together to reveal a world of data that’s just begging to be analyzed

Video Storyboards

Video production starts long before anyone even thinks of touching a camera. As experts in astounding video marketing at every scale, Wandering Eye can walk you through every stage of the video development process. This includes critical connecting, script writing, and Storyboards that guide shot lists. Even though it doesn’t get seen directly, storyboard writing is the skeleton holding up every great video production.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has evolved beyond the olden days of random email blasts and boring newsletters that plop with a thud into people’s spam folders. When your email marketing campaign is developed by experts in the field like Wandering Eye they become drivers of awareness campaigns, tools for connecting with new customers, and outlets for strengthening your loyal customer base.

Wordsmithing From Wandering Eye

Wandering Eye got its start in professional copywriting. Over the years, we’ve crafted content for droves of clients in every sector at every level. This includes international brands, as well as mom-and-pop shops in the communities we live in.

Since we only work with a limited number of exclusive clients at one time, you get to enjoy a more personal experience. This is reflected in the eloquent content, blogs, and copy we develop, which feels like it’s authentically you speaking to your prospects.