Sarpy County branding, SEO, digital marketing agency Wandering Eye portfolio piece displays an image containing the Autotrader logo.
Sarpy County branding, SEO, digital marketing agency Wandering Eye portfolio piece displays an image containing the Autotrader logo.


Content takes a brand from 0 to 100

Working with Autotrader was a smooth ride.

Content is king and Autotrader knows this. The best, most successful, most well-known brands on earth nail branding every time.

They realize that “branding” isn’t just a buzz word used in corporate board rooms. A brand is a living, breathing entity made of the people that compile it.

Every single decision an employee or person makes each day the brand as a whole. Every decision is either brand enhancing or brand damaging. And the brand standards guide is the ultimate playbook for how the brand represents itself, both in terms of design, and in voice, tone, and core principles.

And in working with Autotrader, every single person embodied there brand values, when it was convenient and easy, and when it was not.

When we started creating content for Autotrader it was clear from the onset that our core principles aligned and that was evident in the final creative that was deployed.

Initially hired to produce written blog content via copywriting, the relationship expanded to SEO, photography, and video production.

As a huge NASCAR sponsor, a big part of the relationship was on-site content capture at numerous iconic NASCAR racetracks. And, creating content with luminaries of the sport, including NASCAR champion Brad Keselowski, and two-time NASCAR champ Joey Logano.

As the relationship grew, we even produced 30+ hours of streaming video content during Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. It’s really hard to pick a favorite piece of Super Bowl content; just like picking your favorite child.

It’s a toss up between our live broadcast from the Farm Bowl (“Sponsored by…”) and the Friday AM show from Super Bowl Radio Row, which was just insane as far as guests and Facebook viewer engagement; 545 Comments, Shares, Likes on that single video. Just one “name” right after the other. Here is a deep dive into our time on Radio Row in the Mall of America.

Paul interviews NASCAR champ Joey Logano on Roger Penske’s private charter.

Paul and NASCAR champion Brad Keselowski on the winners podium after Brad’s win in the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

This video summarizes a two-day period of meeting BK for the first time and hanging out in Atlanta prior to his come from behind win over Kyle Larson.

Super Bowl Analytics

Here are some analytics from just one day just to give you an idea on the power of well-produced content:

  • 4 Tweets + 2 Videos:

    Total impressions: 71,677
    Total engagements: 1,548

  • Facebook 3 Live Videos:

    Total reach: 15,668
    Reactions (Likes), Comments, Shares: 1,032

  • Total Twitter video views between Farm Bowl tweet and Spice Adams interview tweet: 8,803

  • Total Facebook video views: 6,189

  • Instagram Story/Snapchat views: 15,000

Here’s what we did:

  • Copywriting and blog post creation

  • Photography

  • Video production

  • Search engine optimization; strategized and optimized each piece of content for nationwide SEO discovery

  • Interviews with talent and strategic brand partners

Here’s what happened:

Over the course of the relationship, traffic to Autotrader’s site grew exponentially thanks to targeted SEO efforts. Social media accounts amassed some of their most engaged content ever and all accounts grew. Our unique approach to celebrity interviews and brand spokespeople was fresh, real and engaging.