Sarpy County branding, SEO, digital marketing agency Wandering Eye portfolio piece displays an image containing the DynamiX Strength & Fitness logo
Sarpy County branding, SEO, digital marketing agency Wandering Eye portfolio piece displays an image containing the DynamiX Strength & Fitness logo

DynamiX Strength and Fitness

Omaha-based group eXcerise studio needed a branding workout

DynamiX Strength & Fitness is a woman-owned group exercise studio located on 132nd and Maple in Omaha, NE.

Led by Sheri Idelman and Bri Buge, DynamiX launched in October of 2017.

The primary focus was building a gorgeous physical location and building a sustainable business model. What really needed a “workout” was the DynamiX brand and online presence.

There are only so many hours in a day. And as many business owners will attest, while focusing on the day-to-day operations, branding and marketing efforts get skipped – a lot like leg day for most people. 😂

Plus, as time moves forward business objectives and needs change. Every brand should spend time each each year (or more frequently) assessing their positioning and adapt accordingly. The same way if you did the exact same workout routine every day with no variance, you would suffer from lack of results and effectiveness.

With that as the impetus, we hosted a brand strategy sessions in person with the key decision makers behind the business.

We learned about what was working well and pain points that needed to be addressed. From there, we honed in on immediate needs, and developed a game plan.

In order to get their digital presence in as good as shape as their physical, we came up with a customized strategy via these steps:

– Brand strategy
– Custom QR codes
– Taglines & typography
– Primary and secondary logo marks
– Business cards
– Brand standards guide
– Website development + hosting
– Commercial photography
– Video production
– Environmental branding pieces
– Local SEO backlinking and citation corrections

Website Before & After

Old non-responsive websiteNew responsive website

A brand standards guide is your day-to-day playbook. These are the rules of how the brand is presented across all mediums.

When a customer calls on the phone, what tone do we use; happy, indignant, sad? We choose and we do it every time.

When an apparel printer calls and asks what colors we use, we give the SPECIFIC color codes, every time.

A brand standards guide is a document that states direct acceptable uses and unacceptable uses of the brand marks, colors, fonts, spacing, photography – and more.

Factoid: When we worked with Creighton University their brand stands guide was 90+ pages. When we worked with Goodyear their brand standards guide was 40+.

Typically this guide will include an overview of the brand’s history, vision, personality, and key values. It may be one page, it may be 10+.

If you don’t have one, you need one.

Brand Standard Guidelines

With the brand strategy defined, we were able to hone in on expressing it via design. And have fun while doing it.

DynamiX is located in a strip mall that gets an insane amount of foot traffic. Flanked on one side by a UPS Store and an Old Chicago restaurant on the other, how could we take advantage of the impression share of people walking by?

With the environmental branding pieces you can see here (modeled by Bear, the cutest, smartest, nicest Golden Doodle on god’s green earth).

While having the signage would have been an improvement and created more brand awareness for the potential customers that saw them, it needed a call to action.

In this case, we deployed custom QR codes that lead to a free trial landing page. As a person walked by, they could easily scan the code on their phone and be directed to the website.

But not just ANY page on the website. For example, if we lazily directed a QR code site visitor to the homepage, we are expecting the user to take the time and click through several pages to get to our desired action of the free trial.

We intentionally designed a custom free trial landing page to capture this traffic and make it easy to sign up.

Environmental Branding

Two a-frame marketing signs for a group exercise studio in Omaha, NE with a golden doodle named Bear sitting in front of them

Here’s what we did:

  • Developed a new responsive website and integrated third-party class registration functionality

  • Created an image library via full day professional photograph session

  • Finalized primary logo and secondary logo and delivered in multiple file formats (.ai, jpg, pdf, etc.)

  • Defined brand strategy and created brand standard guide

  • Designed new business cards

  • Developed environmental branding pieces and deployed unique QR codes

  • Produced an About Us video and delivered in four different styles for sharing on website and via social

  • Local SEO citations boost increased local visibility and website traffic

  • Coordinated selection and implementation of third-party business phone application to increase customer communication

  • Merged the pre-existing, recently acquired brand of Kosama Omaha as a sub-brand