Being “on-brand” may sound like marketing jargon. But it isn’t.

Some brands succeed in spite of their logo. And other brands “get by” or “buy” regardless of how off-brand it is.

In that spirit, we created these fake logos that are more accurate than the ones that brought them fame and public acclaim.

Fake logos of large corporate brands can often be hilarious and entertaining to look at, even though they are not the real deal. So, what makes these fake logos so funny and appealing to people?

Here are some reasons:

Subverting expectations: A fake logo can take a well-known corporate brand and turn it on its head.

For example, our fake Coca-Cola logo below “might” replace the iconic script with parody copy about COVID-COLA.

Clever wordplay: Some fake logos use clever wordplay to create a pun or double entendre.

For example, a fake Starbucks logo might feature a mermaid holding a bong instead of a coffee cup, playing on the similarity between the words “brew” and “bong”. This might be our most genius idea yet…let’s get it into production! Don’t tell anyone – this will be our little secret.

Nostalgia: Fake logos of long-established brands can tap into our sense of nostalgia by referencing old TV shows, movies, or other pop culture artifacts.

For example, a fake Nike logo might use the font and color scheme from the classic TV show “Saved by the Bell,” or a fake Pepsi logo might feature the cast of “Stranger Things” holding cans of soda. These logos can evoke warm feelings of nostalgia and make us smile. And buy stuff, which is why advertising exists. Sorry friends.

Satire and parody: some fake logos use satire and parody to comment on current events or social issues.

For example, a fake Facebook logo might replace the word “Facebook” with “Surveillance State,” or a fake Amazon logo might feature Jeff Bezos with devil horns and a tail.

Or you may “impose” a picture of noted tyrant Josef Stalin on top of the Home Depot logo…

The Home Depot Logo – The Home Despot

To paraphrase Peter Gibbons in Office Space, “Every day I spend in Home Depot is the worst day of my life.

If someone gave me a gun and put it to the head of Home Depot and instructed me to pull the trigger based on delivery of brand promise, Home Depot would be long DED. And I’m “dead” serious. Just like Joseph Stalin was.

Progressive Insurance Logo – Regressive Insurance

If you’ve ever had to pay insurance you know it’s a mountain of bullshit predicated on what “might” happen.

And that “might” happen has led to billions in revenue. If insurance wasn’t profitable, there wouldn’t be huge billion dollar brands making “straight cash, homie.

Insurance companies literally profit off of fear. Fear leads to an innumerable amount of physical and mental maladies. And these MFs know this and play you against yourself.

As a wise man once said, “There is nothing to fear except fear itself.”

Coca Cola Logo – Covid Cola

What’s more of a desultory joke – the fact that Coca Cola is legal? Or, the thought that Covid was anything more than mass control technique?

Put a T-Bone in Coca-Cola overnight and see what happens. Then, picture what it does to your insides.

For the artist formerly known as Covid, what has changed since we were kids?

Your body provides the best medicine. Get sick, move on. It is literally that simple.

Brooklyn Nets Logo – Brooklyn INEPTS

We made this before the NBA season even started. But thanks to recent foibles (Steve Nash firing, Kyrie comments, Kyrie trade, Durant trade) the sentiment remains the same – the Brooklyn Nets are INEPT. 

The “super team” trades to accumulate James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving imploded in less than a year.

And, set the franchise back several years. When Spencer Dinwiddie is your Star Player, gonna be hard to sell seats.

Feel free to use these logos at your leisure and share ’em with friends.

But please gives us a backlink or some credit, Holmes.