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We Go Beyond

The Traditional Digital Marketing Agency

What’s Different About Wandering Eye?

Depending on the industry, most brands’ relationships with a marketing agency lasts an average of three years. At that point, people are sick of each other or the ideas are bland. Or both.

That’s when eyes start to “Wander” – either the clients to other vendors, or the agency reps getting bored of the work.

At the end of the day, digital marketing agencies typically fall victim to the same trappings and cycles.

Here’s a popular example:

Get Clients→ Get More Clients→ Hire More Staff→ Get More Clients→ Lose Clients→Stress To Get More Clients→Get More Clients→ Hire More Staff→ Put Out Crappier Work→Stress And Enjoy None Of The Work That You Wanted To Do In The First Place

M&M Racing Car

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a marketing agency didn’t say “Yes” to everything?

What if it was possible to prioritize quality over quantity?

Paul and Jonathan Ogden

What if we were bold enough to stick a finger in the eye of outdated marketing concepts to pluck out what works and leave behind everything that doesn’t?


What we’d be left with is a new way to do business, based on relationships and experience, and market our clients with the sort of intense focus that they deserve — and dare we say need to succeed.

What you see when the smoke clears is everything that makes Wandering Eye a vanguard digital marketing agency.

Wandering Eye looks beyond the old way of forcing digital marketing strategies into the same set of cookie-cutter molds. We believe there’s a better, more authentic, and even fun (gasp!) way to make your company or brand more successful than it has ever been.

  • Branding & Brand Strategy
  • SEO Consulting & Optimization
  • Video Production
  • Commercial Photography Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Website Development & Design
  • Ecommerce Development & Design
  • Copywriting Services
  • Email Marketing & Management

Be Prepared To Experience A New Adventure

Exclusively You

Our approach starts with limiting the number of clients we are working with at any one time. This exclusive listing lets us connect with you in a way that makes it easier for you to connect with your prospective customers.

Your authentic self gets to shine through, without all the stuffy apathetic dry messaging you get from giant marketing agencies who just see you as passing through their industrial machine.

Use Us Then Lose Us

We know a relationship with a marketing agency doesn’t last forever – and we are cool with that.

Things start out hot and heavy and it is a veritable “love fest.” Over time, ideas can get stale, partnerships less exciting, and it is time for a change. It isn’t you, it’s us.

But, we still remain accessible, and amicable, anytime you need us. Like an ex-boyfriend you can call at 3 AM when you need help with a flat tire.

Sometimes things don’t work out and that’s cool. No reason to get huffy about it.

We’ve Got An Eye For Detail…And Successful Marketing Campaigns

Without analytics, what are we even doing here?

Creatives can struggle with analytics, while analytics nerds do not have the capacity to be creative. And that’s OK.

We are able to merge both with an all-seeing vision of your project goals. We never recommend anything we don’t truly believe in or have had success with.

If our ideas suck and aren’t connecting, tell us and we will revise and make it better. And we will happily tell you your ideas stink (if they do) as well.


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Promoting Brands Since 1999

The Nerve Behind The Eye

Paul at Desk

Technically it is the optic nerve. But behind Wandering Eye the marketing agency, the optic nerve of the company if you will, is Paul Eide.

Paul has been working in marketing and branding since 1999. This includes years working with some of the biggest international brands and well-known, established local companies and regional brands who needed help bringing their digital marketing efforts into sharp focus. Read about Paul’s background here.

“I’ve been hammering away at digital marketing since the internet was only available via dial-up signal. Along the way, I’ve become extremely intimate with ever-evolving technology like it was my mistress. Migrating my experience from platform to platform, the way a bee pollinates flowers, I bring these skills to my exclusive client list through the services listed below.”

Get customized & optimized site that captures your brand, and achieves your growing business goals.

Building flexible ecommerce sites on Shopify, BigCommerce or Woocommerce with the features you need to sell products or services.

Full service design solutions that are beautiful, engaging & creative to showcase your identity. Logos, brochures & more.

Skilled photographers create stunning visuals of seemingly ordinary things, and make them extraordinary to everyone who sees them.

Power up your video with captivating content for web, tv & promotional materials to match your vision.

We launch, grow and scale brands with innovative solutions that drive real measurable results.

Flexible organic SEO solutions to drive more targeted traffic to your websites that make a huge difference we can prove with revenue & lead gen reports.

If you’re a local service industry or retail shop, then our strategic expert led SEO tactics will put you in front of new customers in and around your comminity.

Maximizing offline and online copywriting to increase engagement, website traffic or other business growth goals with well researched copy.

Remarket to your existing customers or new opt-in emails with funnels & targeted email blasts which engage people to keep in touch with your brand.

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